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About Us

Kaa Hapa was started in early 2020 by Sam Omondi, a trained architect and entrepreneur, as well as Emily Harper, a U.S. Marine and Kenya resident. 

The mission of Kaa Hapa is to make high quality furniture affordable and available to regular middle-income residents in urban centres in East Africa. We believe that using quality and long-lasting materials produces furniture that is truly high-class and durable. Kaa Hapa furniture is only made with solid wood; cypress, mahogany, or mvuli.

Before Kaa Hapa, Sam worked for several years as co-founder to build the aviation furniture line Sky Decor, and it is this experience that makes Kaa Hapa unique. With a keen sense of market needs in the region, an ability to find the right craftsmen for each design, and a laser-sharp eye for style and taste, Kaa Hapa will provide savoury touches to your residence, hotel or office.

Kaa Hapa is also passionate about local empowerment. We are incredibly proud to be producing 100% locally-made furniture. All our craftsmen are Nairobi residents and with each purchase, you are allowing us to continue to provide stable employment. By building sustainable and fulfilling careers in our communities - especially for tradesmen - we are taking steps in the right direction towards Kenyan prosperity and security.  

We are incredibly thrilled to welcome you on this page, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions!